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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  April 3, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman, it's time for the best videos of the day "right this minute." a 2-year-old is trapped in a well as rescuers start running out of time and options. >> then they got this idea -- >> how an iphone saved the day. >> whoa. >> wow. >> obviously there was nobody in the big semi. >> no, there was. hear the miracle of the guy who went over the cliff and what you might have missed in that video. fire engulfs a family's home. >> the neighbors and the woman inside the house heard a big, loud bang. why those neighbors are grateful it wasn't their house. >> talk about the luck.
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and it is a hollywood dance audition. >> tell me who you think stands out? >> the guy in the glasses. >> meet the big dud who can actually bust a move. >> nobody had any idea. steven has our first video of the day and the story behind it. >> rescuers in china had to pull an interesting plan b while attempting to save a 2-year-old boy caught in a well. this was in china. no water down there, but this thing was almost 40 feet deep, and not even a foot wide. he was stuck down there for an hour. villagers discovered him, threw a rope down there for him to hang on to. rescuers sent an oxygen tube down there. they tried pulling the boy up with a harness, but the harness they were using was made for adults. so the boy kept slipping out of the thing. then they got this th drop an iphone down the well to at least communicate with the
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boy as best as possible but most importantly to figure out the best possible way to send the harness down there and get him attached. >> what a fantastic use of technology. >> i can only imagine they're probably using, like, the fa facetime function. you see the moment they pull him up and he's out of the well, how happy everybody is. the poor boy looks exasperated. the boy was bruised but not seriously injured. a technology that sort of all of us had, could come to aid somebody like this. >> he wasn't screaming or hollering. >> maybe they were just saying we're going to get down.
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there don't worry. don't worry. maybe that's all he needed to stay calm down there. >> oh. whoa! oh, boy. >> wow. oh! >> it's dragging the thing -- wow. >> it was being towed. >> yes. this happened on a road in norway. this truck had got stuck so a tow truck came by to rescue it. but watch the door of the tow truck. >> the driver got out. >> he bailed. >> obviously there was nobody in the big semi. >> there was a driver in the semi when the semi went down. watch it as it rolls. it keeps going all the way down to the river. you see it just flip and turn and flip and turn. >> oh, my. >> wholly cow. >> police were able to rescue the driver of the semi. he was taken to a nearby
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hospital and had many severe fractures. he's still but still in intensive care. this all happened on sunday afternoon. i see how the driver of the salvage truck was able to get out, it seems like the guy in the semi wouldn't have had that kind of reaction time. >> it's even worse than you hear. you hear the crunching of the metal, the trees, the limbs. the snow as it is plowed up by the flipping truck. >> i can't believe somebody actually survived that fall. >> i want you to look at this little girl on the screen. she was born recently in india. the problem is nobody wants her. two families came in to have a baby in a hospital in western india. one couple had a little girl. one couple had a little boy. the hospital said there was a mistake and they realized they switched the babies. the couple that had the little
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girl said she's not ours. we want the boy. now there's a big fight over wh. they have taken two dna tests, one family wants a third test that could take up to 30 days. all because it's a little baby girl. according to the bbc millions of fetuses may have been aborted because of sexism. >> eventually you'll have a whole population of men. who will they mate with when they come of age? >> a bunch of single dudes. >> this is so sad because there are so many loving families and couples that cannot have children and would do anything in the world to have this little girl. >> indian society generally prefers boys. when you have somebody in that society saying there's no happiness when a girl is born, there's a systemic problem that
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needs to be changed culturally the. >> sunday morning i'm checking facebook, i see a post that my cousin in indiana posted of a massive fire that was caused by lightning right across the street from her own home. >> talk about the luck. are you kidding me? >> apparently the neighbor heard a big, loud bang. the neighbor came out and saw that the roof of her home was on fire. the firefighters of the pike township fire department tried to stop the fire, but when they realized that the entire attic and roof were on fire, they realized this is going to collapse. they all evacuated the home. the whole thing burned down. it was total loss of this home. >> the homes that were beside this home, were they damaged? >> two homes were next to the fire, they didn't catch fire but the molding closest to this house melted. >> was anybody injured? >> everybody in the home was
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able to leave in time and none of the firefighters were hurt either. >> it looks like the entire block is on fire. >> i feel like i can feel the heat of it. take a look at some of the aftermath of the fire. >> does insurance cover this? >> flood is an act of god, but if you have flood specific insurance, they should have be protected. so if they have fire insurance they should be protected. >> there's a raccoon in this car. when the guy goes to get it out, what happens? >> it flies at him. very nervous. >> see how it ends. and look at this video. he pops the question and it looks like a dang movie. >> you set a new standard now for proposal videos.
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i think this video will surprise you a bit. >> i got another bandit on my
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farm me farm. >> the guy on your screen is dave rock from canada, he has a youtube channel called david farm live. he is famous for things like this. >> we've seen that. >> the redneck roller coaster. >> yeah. >> on david's farm he has all kinds of junked out cars. >> footprints. >> david noticed visitors to his cars. some raccoon paw prints. so david is on a mission to find this raccoon. david approaches this toyota se celica, which is in excellent condition. >> paint balls. >> look inside the back window. >> oh, boy. >> he is ice grilling dave with that look. >> look at those eyes. >> found the culprit. >> what do you think will happen? >> it will come flying at him. raccoons can be mean. >> yeah. i think dave will end up with a scratch or missing eyeball. >> dave has a plan.
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what he's going to do is go and open the trunk and maybe the noise of the trunk opening will make the raccoon escape. >> i like that plan. >> oh, boy. >> it stinks in here. >> getting nervous? >> yes, very nervous. >> keep watching. >> i hope dave has a shot. >> oh, my goodness. >> oh, snap. wow. >> there are baby raccoons in the car. >> we were all wrong. >> listen to the noise -- >> no wonder the mom raccoon was looking at him weird. steven and beth, women are awesome. >> yes, we are. >> check out the nine queens of scheme.
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♪ this is the suzanne nine queens free skiing exhibition. they invite the nine best free skiing women in the world. this is in austria. they built what they call the chateau, a multi-featured ski jump. >> it's a giant snow castle. >> isn't it cool? some epic cool moves over that snow castle. >> that's awesome. >> winner of the big air competition was won by american ashley battersby. >> i just love they built this snow castle. >> they light it up at night, too, which made it even more spectacular. >> i want to play in it. can you go inside? >> you should become one of the nine queens, beth, if you want to play. >> i was number ten. i was number ten. if one of these women had gotten injured, i was next.
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>> you were the back up queen. >> that was cool. >> that was cool. see her do the super man fly through the air? tuck and roll. tomorrow on "right this minute" -- >> it's time for baby kid to have his first meal of solid food. >> the doritoso loco taco. >> i cannot wait to see that. >> that's tomorrow on "right this minute." >> a typical lecture becomes a crime scene? see what happens when this classroom prank gets pulled off. and this radio deejay is getting down and staying alive. >> i think he thinks he's one of them. >> find out what happens when he gets caught i
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we've seen quite a few proposal videos on our show, but none of them has been as beautifully shot, i think, as this one. >> a guy named todd lebird shot this for the beautiful couple. this was all shot at ft. bluff camp in dayton, tennessee. the love birds are chat buyers and alicia bailey. alicia just thinks she's having a lovely evening with her boyfriend. ♪ now, the really beautiful back
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story in all this is that they met at a camp. they both worked at a thing called student life camp. they have only been dating since october of 2011. but chad said he has been planning this since december. >> wow. >> this gets even better. see those lights in the distance? those are not twinkle lights. >> like family and friends? >> yes, it's family, friends, they have fireworks going off. it's just beautiful. >> pulled out all the stops. >> wow. >> you almost don't have to have a wedding now with such a nice engagement video. it's like, hey, we hit it out of the park here. >> quit while ahead. >> i wanted to find out more about this lovely couple, so "right this minute" we have both of them, alicia is skyping in from south carolina and chad is skyping in from tennessee. my first question is for you, alicia. did you know that you guys were
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being filmed on this date? did you have any idea what this night would bring? >> no. actually, he had to fight for me to come to the cabin. i thought we were breaking rules and would not go in. i had no idea it was about to happen. >> show us the bling. >> oh, most definitely. it's still shocking when i'm driving. hey there. >> chad, do you feel like the man now? >> i had no idea it would be this well done. i was sitting on cloud nine when i saw the videos. >> you set a new standard now for proposal videos. >> i agree. all my friends are like i have to show my boyfriend now. how could i be a part of something like that? >> way to go, chad. a boring old lecture at the university of michigan in ann arbor quickly turned into this -- >> ah!
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>> oh, no! >> this is not a drama class. this is an organic chemistry 2 clas class. >> did the professor know this was going on? he's laughing in the background. >> look at how the professor reacts when the guy runs into the classroom. you will quickly learn, no, he had no idea this was about to happen. this was a big prank put on by 18 people. there's a mariachi band involved. who will come to the rescue? zorro. a big, huge choreographed duel when the bandit and zorro ensues.
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as you can see in perfect zorro fashion, he returns the bag to the damsel in distress. the mariachi keeps playing. rose for the girl. my favorite part, watch what the professor does. >> that's great. >> he wasn't even involved in the prank. >> he used it as an opportunity to teach. okay. i'm supposed to remind you to go to so, there. it's a dance audition for a music video. but notice anything? how about that dancer. >> the guy in the glasses. >> yeah. >> meet the man behind the
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video. >> they didn't tell me to leave, because i was making it awkward
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i just want to preface this by saying arthur is okay now. ♪ arthur had to wear a cone for ten days because his ears were hurt. arthur is having a hard time with the cone, as you can see. >> oh, man. >> that's the best method there,
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the drag. trying to just drag it off. >> reverse and drag. >> finally arthur realized this thing will not come off. i'll have to live with it. the problem was it would catch on the floor, so he couldn't raise his head. >> oh, no. >> it's like a vacuum cleaner. ♪ i'm over here, over to the right ♪ >> clearly arthur does not know his right from his left. >> or he's so mad at his owner because he hut the cone on him. >> but it was for his own good because arthur is fine without the cone and his ears look grea great. >> pop singer kimberly cole was holding an audition for dancers for her new song "you make me wanna." tell me who you think stands out in this group of professional dancers here. >> the guy in the glasses. >> you okay? all right?
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♪ >> the man you're seeing dancing there is a character known as keith. >> if the female dance is easier, can i do it to that one? >> absolutely. >> i like making my own rules. >> you might be surprised at what he pulls off on the floor. >> what? >> yes. ♪ >> keith makes it to the second round of cuts. >> shut up. i love it. >> thank you very much for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> keith, of course, is a character of physical comedian nathan barnat. tell us about this character, keith, where did he come from and did he get a call-back for the video. >> i do a lot of dance videos,
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they get millions of views. i thought somebody might have recognized him, but nobody had an idea. >> does kimberly cole know that keith is a character? >> she does now because she got in touch with keith, and i let her know that i'm keith. and she thought this was hilarious. >> were you surprised when you made it to the second round and you were suddenly in the small group dancing? >> kind of. i expected them to tell me to leave because i was making it awkward for everyone and slowing it down. but kimberly cole was so into it, i saw her say i want to see him dance with the girls. the choreographer girl is like keith is staying, i guess. >> is keith going to be in the video. >> i'm 99.9% sure keith will be in the video unless you has some video game convention or tournament to go to. >> if you want to see the entire audition of keith, head to our
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website, you've heard the expression dance like nobody's watching. that's what this dj at 92.1 in the sacramento area thought he was doing. this is rico garcia of rico on the radio. he's dancing to "staying alive" by the bee gees. >> he's lip sink isyncing, too. >> this is the best part. >> he doesn't know he's being watched. >> priceless. >> if i just hide, they may forget this happened. >> here's a fun fact about rico, he and i went to school together. not only did we go to school together, we were both part of the school band together. oh. >> that's me, that's rico. it's nice to see he's doing well. i did ask him, what was going on? he always gets his co-workers
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doing crazy stuff on video. this was sweet revenge for them. >> so the prankster got pranked. >> we were the winningest band. >> what did you play? >> i was in the back with the percussionists. i was playing the bells. >> that's it for our show. we have one more video called goofy the dog, enjoy it stick around because another half hour of "rtm" is on the way. [ female announcer ] this is the story of sam,
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who made an unexpected arrival. [ woman ] he was 4 months early, weighing 1 pound, 12 ounces. [ female announcer ] fortunately, sam was born at sutter health's alta bates summit medical center. [ woman ] the staff was remarkable. they made me feel safe, trusting, cared for. [ giggles ] they saved his life.


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